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Debt Relief

We have helped hundreds of clients get control of their finances and we have discharged millions of dollars worth of debt.  If you are considering filing a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, call and speak to an attorney, not a paralegal or associate, and get the help you need today.


Probate Law

Losing a loved one is never easy.  Unfortunately, this grief can be compounded by frustration at the often complicated legal process known as probate.  Probate is often necessary depending on the assets that are left.  Real estate, bank accounts, and other financial accounts must be probated in order to pass to a decedent's heirs.  Let us help guide you through this process as quickly and easily as possible. 


Estate Planning

If you pass without an estate plan, the state decides who inherits your property.  In addition, the process and burden on your family is often unnecessary and avoidable.  A comprehensive estate plan can:

(1) direct your assets to who YOU want to receive them

(2) prevent your family from having to go through probate

(3)  prevent your family from having to make complicated health and financial decisions in the event you cannot

Fast & Affordable
Britt Law offers fast and affordable solutions to common legal issues.  We've adopted a transparent FLAT FEE pricing system where we publish our low prices so that everyone receives the same fair, affordable rates with no hidden fees or charges. AND ALWAYS FREE CONSULATIONS.

Same Day Filing
Once the required paperwork is signed and the filing is fee paid, your case will be filed the SAME DAY. Your case will be processed immediately so that your case may conclude in the shortest time possible.

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