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Our Mission

We strive to help our clients navigate various legal issues at an affordable, fair price.  We offer transparent pricing, and give all clients the same, affordable rate with no gimmicks or additional fees.  We offer fast, SAME DAY filing, allowing us to finalize your case in the least possible time.  

Debt Relief

Are you being harassed by debt collectors?  If you qualify, a Chapter 7 could eliminate all of your unsecured debts and give you a fresh start.  A Chapter 13, debt reorganization, could lower your monthly payments, leaving you extra cash each month.  Instantly stop lawsuits, garnishments, liens, and harassing phone calls.  We can help!


We offer uncontested divorces, with or without children, for the lowest, most affordable rates possible.  We offer same day filing if both parties are willing to sign the required paperwork.  Your divorce could be final in as soon as 30 days.

Wills & Living wills

Don't leave your heirs in a tough spot.  Organize your affairs and final wishes through a proper Will and avoid any potential problems.  It is important to have a Living Will so that your loved ones will not have to make difficult healthcare decisions.

Foreclosure Defense

Facing foreclosure on your home?  The foreclosure process can be as quick as 21 days in the State of Alabama.  Don't wait too late to act.  There are options available to help you keep your home.  


We offer debt collection services for businesses who are owed money.  Whether you are a contractor, dentist, doctor, or any other profession, we can help you file your claim, wage garnishments, and any available liens. 

Deed Preparation

We offer standard deed preparation for $75.  Whether you are deeding your property to a child, spouse, or setting up a life estate - your deed will be prepared within 24 hours.

What Our Clients Say

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"I had over $40,000 in bills, a lot of it was medical bills.  I was able to get all of it discharged and get a new beginning.  It took a lot of stress off of me."
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